International Conference on

Nursing, Midwifery & Women’s Health

June 24-25, 2024 | Rome, Italy

Theme – Innovations in Nursing & Women’s Health


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Nursing Conferences

About Nursing, Midwifery & Women’s Health

Stripe Conferences is delighted to announce the forthcoming International Conference on Nursing, Midwifery & Women’s Health, scheduled for June 24-25, 2024, in the vibrant city of Rome, Italy. This premier event will revolve around the central theme of “Innovations in Nursing & Women’s Health.”

Our conference promises to deliver cutting-edge insights and advancements in the realms of Nursing, Midwifery, and Women’s Health to healthcare professionals and enthusiasts alike. Distinguished experts in the field will grace our gathering, sharing their profound wisdom and knowledge about the latest breakthroughs and best practices in Midwifery & Women’s Health.


Bavani Amavasi

Griffith University, Singapore

Vivian Polak

Dalhousie University, Canada

Thomas Odumo

Financial Management, Canada

Shagaf H Bakour

University of Birmingham, UK

Scientific Sessions

01. Nursing and Healthcare

02. Midwifery and Women Health

03. Public Health Nursing

04. Nursing Care Plan

05. Nursing Leadership

06. Pediatric Nursing

07. Gynaecological Health

08. Menopause Health

Who to attend Nursing, Midwifery Conferences?

Why to attend Nursing, Midwifery Conferences?

Conference Venue - Italy

Rome, the capital city of Italy, boasts a global reputation for its heritage museums, galleries, Roman relics, and church art. Renowned for its prodigious builders and expert civil engineers, Rome’s civilization yielded unparalleled advances in technology, culture, and architecture for centuries. Few cities rival Rome’s astonishing artistic heritage.

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Event Summary

Conferences serve as essential platforms for academic researchers and business executives alike. They encompass various elements, including numerous presentations, interactive breakout sessions, hands-on product demonstrations, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

We’ve extended invitations to globally renowned keynote speakers, experts, brand ambassadors, and industry leaders, who will graciously share their insights and ideas with our esteemed conference attendees.

Payment for Stripe conferences registrations can only be made by credit card or debit card online and the listed payment applications.Nursing Conferences

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The Stripe Conferences is organized by the Stripe journal Nursing, Midwifery & Women’s Health will take place virtually on June 24-25, 2024 Rome, Italy.

 Scientific Sessions list : 

    • Nursing and Healthcare
    • Midwifery and Women Health
    • Public Health Nursing
    • Advances In Nursing
    • Geriatric Nursing
    • Pediatric Nursing
    • Technologies in Nursing
    • Menopause Health
    • Reproductive and Sexual Health
    • Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
    • Gynaecological Health
    • Emergency Nursing
    • Nursing Care Plan
    • Emergency and Ambulatory Care Nursing
    • Nursing Leadership
    • Types of Nursing
      Psychiatry and Mental Health
    • Cardiac Nursing

Welcome to the Stripe Conferences on the Future of Nursing, Midwifery & Women’s Health, which will be held on June 24-25 in the city of Rome, Italy.!

Join us at Stripe Conferences for Nursing Conferences 2024. Download the brochure to access essential information on speakers, guidelines, and the tentative program for this exciting event.

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Bavani Amavasi

Griffith University, Singapore

Diploma in Nursing, Nanyang Polytechnic. Advanced Diploma in Perioperative Nursing, Nanyang Polytechnic. Bachelor of Science (Nursing), Curtin Singapore. Specialist Diploma in Teaching & Learning (Higher Education) in Nanyang Technological University Singapore. Master of Business Administration, Murdoch University. Master of Infection Prevention & Control, Griffith University.

Vivian Polak

Dalhousie University, Canada

Dr. Polak is a Canadian physician (Perinatal Psychiatrist) who studied Medicine at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada and completed her Psychiatry Residency at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. She educates and informs patients and practitioners about psychiatric illnesses in pregnancy and the postpartum period and how to achieve full remission as well as optimise current and future health and wellness.

Thomas Odumo

Financial Management, Canada

I’ve earned a Commendation Plaque from The Prime Minister for my service to Canada. This was in recognition of my unparalleled skill in the financial analysis of Cabinet Documents at Health Canada. this confirms the recognition of this skill by the Certified General Accountants of Ontario that awarded me Letter of Commendation being among the select few top scoring accountants in their Advanced Management Accounting examination. 

Shagaf H Bakour

University of Birmingham, UK

I am a fully accredited consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist on the General Medical Council’s Specialist Register. I am a Consultant in the NHS at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, Birmingham, UK, an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Birmingham, a consultant at the Priory private hospital, and a consultant at The Edgbaston Hospital.